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Heavy construction for Industrial use. Using only the finest selected Douglas Fir for all wooden parts. Back legs mortice and tenoned, glued and wedged, are hinged to the back board, and bolted through the stiles for extra strength. Treads at 250mm rise are pinned with ring shank nails and fitted with check blocks at intervals to prevent side sways. Tie rods are fitted at not more than 4 treads apart.
Varnish finished. Metal fittings rust-proofed.

Manufactured from Douglas Fir to a high specification for trade use. Top and back boards are glued and screwed and check blocks fitted under treads to prevent side sway.
Back legs have half lapped cross rails glued and screwed and they are hinged to the back board and bolted through the stiles. Whitewood finish. Metal fittings rust-proofed.

HPS Class 1 LBS Trade

CodeOverall LengthApprox Weight
LBS04HPS040.97m3' 3"8.0Kg
LBS05HPS051.22m4' 0"9.0Kg
LBS06HPS061.47m4' 10"10.0Kg
LBS07HPS071.72m5' 7"11.0Kg
LBS08HPS081.97m6' 5"13.0Kg
LBS09HPS092.25m7' 4"16.0Kg
LBS10HPS102.47m8' 1"20.0Kg
 HPS112.72m8' 11"24.0Kg
 HPS122.97m9' 9"28.0Kg