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Heavy duty construction specification similar to Swingback steps, but with heavy duty 500 x 300mm platform and a guard rail fitted 490-710mm above the platform, which is self locking. Metal stays are fitted on steps over 2.13m platform height. Varnish finished. Metal fittings rust-proofed.

Code NoLength ClosedVertical Height to PlatformApprox. Weight
FPS041.62m5' 4"0.91m3' 0"11Kg
FPS051.88m6' 2"1.14m3' 9"13Kg
FPS062.13m7' 0"1.37m4' 6"14Kg
FPS072.39m7' 10"1.63m5' 4"16Kg
FPS082.84m9' 4"1.84m6' 2"18Kg
FPS093.10m10' 2"2.06m6' 9"20Kg
FPS103.35m11' 0"2.34m7' 8"25Kg
FPS113.61m11' 10"2.56m8' 5"30Kg
FPS123.86m12' 8"2.79m9' 2"33Kg
FPS134.10m13' 6"3.02m9' 11"36Kg
FPS144.37m14' 4"3.27m10' 9"40Kg
FPS154.62m15' 2"3.50m11' 6"45Kg