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Constructed from Douglas Fir and specification is generally in accordance with British Standards for Swingback steps. Special non- locking trestle hinges are used and the top two treads come together to form a small platform. It can be fitted with either metal stays or check cords. Varnished finished. Metal fittings rust-proofed.

CodeOverall LengthApprox. Weight
DSFS30.84m2' 9"10kg
DSFS41.09m3' 7"11kg
DSFS51.35m4' 5"13kg
DSFS61.60m5' 3"14kg
DSFS71.85m6' 1"16kg
DSFS82.11m6' 11"18kg
DSFS92.36m7' 9"22kg
DSFS102.61m8' 7"25kg
DSFS112.87m9' 5"29kg
DSFS123.12m10' 3"33kg