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360° working platform – 550mm x 400mm
Glass fibre frame with aluminium treads
Enclosed platform on 3 sides for safety
Insulated and non-conductive whilst in use
Ergonomically designed for industrial work
HSE Work At Height Regulations 2005 compliant to work two-handed for short duration jobs
Kitemarked BS EN 131 and complies to: ANSI 14-5 and ESI 13-1
Optional Extras
Security webbing strap across open side -
Powder coated handrail -
Plastic coated handrail -
Wheels at rear -
Outriggers –
Ladder tag for inspection and maintenance-
Marking with company details for security -
Detachable tool tray -
Offshore feet -

Ordering Code Closed Height Platform Height No. of Treads Approx. Weight Width Open Span
Glassfibre Treads Alloy Treads
AFXPLT 02 XPLT02 1.55m 0.46m 2 11.5kg 530mm 875mm
AFXPLT 03 XPLT03 1.80m 0.71m 3 13.5kg 560mm 1035mm
AFXPLT 04 XPLT04 2.05m 0.96m 4 14.0kg 590mm 1095mm
AFXPLT 05 XPLT05 2.31m 1.19m 5 16.0kg 620mm 1355mm
AFXPLT 06 XPLT06 2.56m 1.44m 6 19.0kg 650mm 1525mm
AFXPLT 07 XPLT07 2.82m 1.64m 7 20.0kg 680mm 1685mm
AFXPLT 08 XPLT08 3.07m 1.89m 8 22.0kg 710mm 1845mm
AFXPLT 09 XPLT09 3.32m 2.19m 9 23.0kg 740mm 2005mm
AFXPLT 10 XPLT10 3.57m 2.44m 10 24.0kg 770mm 2165mm
AFXPLT 11 XPLT11 3.82m 2.69m 11 26.0kg 800mm 2325mm