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Swing Back with Aluminium Treads

Manufactured from distinctive yellow 85mm x 30mm channel stiles fitted with 80mm x 30mm heavy duty serrated aluminium treads angled to 65 degrees. A 150mm x 335mm top is used to pivot the back legs and support the stiles.The aluminium tread gives excellent grip and added strength to the construction and stays are fitted to eliminate side sway. The glass fibre 45mm x 35mm channel section and braces used for the back legs make a rigid lightweight construction that will give lasting service in the toughest conditions. The serrated solid rubber blocks and glass fibre stiles make these steps safe for use in all environments.

Swing Back with Glass Fibre Treads

Designed for use in areas where minimum metal content is required. Glass fibre treads angled at 65 degrees are fitted at 250mm centres. Other specifications as for swing back steps aluminium tread.

Ordering & Technical

These products complies to: ANSI 14-5 and ESI 13-1. and are Kitemarked BS EN 131

Swing Back Steps
All Glassfibre TreadsAlloy TreadsOverall LengthNumber of TreadsApprox. Weight
AFSB 04GSB 041.02m47.0Kg
AFSB 05GSB 051.25m58.0Kg
AFSB 06GSB 061.53m69.5Kg
AFSB 07GSB 071.78m711.0Kg
AFSB 08GSB 082.03m812.5Kg
AFSB 09GSB 092.29m914.0Kg
AFSB 10GSB 102.54m1016.5Kg