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These ladders are ideal for fruit picking work, having a 65mm wide tapered top and a 545mm wide splayed base. Manufactured from hollow seamless aluminium extrusions with radiused corners for extra strength. Rungs of 24mm diameter serrated tube fitted through stiles at a rise of 250mm by a special locking method to prevent turning and for increased strength. Ends of ladder stiles fitted with rubber plugs. 

ReferenceOverall LengthRungsWeight
*FP4.0MK4.05 metres168 kgs.
*FP4.5MK4.55 metres189 kgs.
*FP5.0ML5.05 metres2012 kgs.
*FP5.5ML5.55 metres2213 kgs.
*FP6.0ML6.05 metres2414 kgs.
*FP6.5ML6.55 metres2615 kgs.

* Products not shown with a kitemark are out with the scope of the relevant British Standard but are manufactured with the same quality materials and are manufactured in compliance with the BS EN ISO 9002 Quality System.